Tianjin website construction|Improvement of website construction performance needs to pay attention


The rise of online marketing has driven a large number of people to invest in them. They all build websites for their own companies and want to make money from their own networks. However, for novices, doing a good website often requires a lot of attention. If you ask me to do it The pre-selection of the website is not important. I can definitely answer this: important, very important. Especially as a novice webmaster, we should win at the starting line. So how should we make the correct choice in the preliminary preparations for the site construction in Tianjin?

1. The CSS file is placed in the first part

   Putting the CSS file at the head and at the tail does not affect the HTTP request, so the request time is the same. However, from the user experience point of view, putting the CSS file at the head will get a better user experience. The reason is that the browser parses the html document from top to bottom and puts the CSS file in the head. The page will first make a request for the CSS file, then load the DOM tree and render it, and the page will gradually be presented to the user.

2. Put the JS file at the end

  HTTP requests are parallel, and the number of parallel downloads in different browsers is different (2, 4, or 8). Parallel download improves the speed of HTTP requests. Putting the JS file in the first part will not only block the download of subsequent files but also block the rendering of the page.

3. Perform image optimization

   Images are one of the main causes of page bloat, usually occupying 50~60% of page bytes. Adding pictures to the page or enlarging existing pictures is an effective way to quickly acquire users and increase the business conversion rate, but it will have a serious impact on the performance of the website. Optimizing the image is the easiest way to improve performance, it can make the page load faster.

4. Site structure design selection

  Navigation is one of the important parts of the website. It can not only effectively improve the user experience, but also make search engines feel that the website has a certain degree of professionalism. Another point is that the navigation of the website must remember to use text in the form of links. Then there is the choice of URL structure. I believe that webmaster friends all know that the URL hierarchy should be as short as possible, and the path must be a static path.

5. Give consideration to performance when designing responsive Web

 Responsive design allows designers and developers to better control the look and feel of web pages, and can make the pages of the website more beautiful across multiple platforms and devices.

6. Real-time monitoring performance

Real-time user monitoring (RUM) tools can obtain, analyze and record the performance and availability of the website in real time from the perspective of real users, so that companies know when users can see and interact with the main page content and understand performance and usability issues How does it affect business indicators.

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